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Sunny Minds develops your capacity to holistically move through life in bold new ways. Beyond simply problem-solving and goal-attaining, Life Design is here to empower you to shift from your life as it is and create it how you want it to be.




A generative path to develop your next self – personally or professionally.


Sunny Minds – Life Design is a one-on-one engagement focused on developing in you the depth and amplitude to make bold life changes and to take on more complex challenges – at work or out of it.

Whether it’s a personal or professional edge, this relationship empowers you to enact in novels in your life and in the world, serving a launchpad from which you to tap into your blind spots, reframe them, and create the changes you desire.

This is about your development. In the era where the lines between work and leisure are blurry, things move faster than ever, and we look for ways to make the best of what matters most – our life.


Facilitation of teams to augment collective impact.


Group work varies from stand-alone engagements to projects or programs, aimed at improving the ways of working of teams eying purposeful and pragmatic approaches to conscious impact.

These are workshops, lectures or mediation sessions combining the best in organizational design and facilitation of conflict. Empathy, feedback, active listening, systems thinking and purpose are some of the fundamental building blocks for high performing conscious teams.

This is about group awareness in the era of ever-growing complexity, where hiring and retention have become the number one challenge across organizations worldwide. It’s about equipping teams with new ways of being and working together, dynamically steering to meaningful impact.

Design meets Facilitation meets Coaching.

Three powerful disciplines combined in an unique approach with the freshness of modern problem solving mindset and techniques to navigate the paradigms of our time. Life Design is here to end the monopoly of possibilities and forge new vantage points for purposeful enactment. More than meeting goals, it’s refining the inquiry that guardrails your development.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”Anais Nin


Learn more about your life purpose

Cut the noise and befriend yourself

Elaborate and hold different perspectives

Link cause and effect and find leverage points

Enact your self-as-instrument of change


Gui Curi

Gui Curi

Founder of Sunny Minds Life Design, Gui creates engagements guiding leaders in their journey of adult learning and professional development.

Life Design is a blend of three powerful disciplines: design, facilitation, and coaching. Supported by theoretical fluency in developmental theories and psychology & psychoanalysis, this unique modality aims at aligning the personal and professional realms, where individuals function at an optimal level while integrally connected to their values and life intention. 

This fresh approach comes from none other than a vastly diverse background.

Born in São Paulo and raised in a family of psychotherapists, Gui matured a 9+ year career in Strategy and Marketing working in global enterprises such as Red Bull, Nike, Unilever, and Time Warner, and for clients such as Yahoo! and Mars, among others.

He then leaped towards the field of Design & Innovation, leading projects that included the design of the Olympic Educational Program, for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Design took Gui internationally, transplanting him to New York City, where he deepened his repertoire through an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design at the globally ranked Parsons School of Design. There, he furthered his expertise in designing systems and services for impact at scale, in projects with Ford Motors, MoMA and Toshiba, in Tokyo.

His Masters’ Thesis explored the role of design in setting up conditions for group awareness and the meaning of work in the context of corporate culture. It was perfectly juxtaposed with his two runs as an Organizational Design Consultant for leading firms August and Xplane.

His trajectory in the corporate world nurtured close relationships with business leaders, with whom he has played a double role: as a Certified Facilitator of Conflict in group settings, and as a Life Designer with individuals.

He’s based in Santa Monica, CA, carries Italian nationality and is an avid (and beginner) cyclist.

The greatest change you can make in the world is to change you.


“I use design in a coaching capacity that is useful to anyone seeking to make meaningful changes or take more complex challenges in life. My work with clients aims at scaffolding their development in simplified and pragmatic ways, helping them navigate through current and new paradigms while keeping a steady and grounded stance.

This is a novel approach that combines the best of my background and expertise, directed to help individuals break free from “best practices” and embrace their next practices. It’s about seeing life as a perfecting experience of self-discovery, where every moment is an opportunity to experiment, learn and grow.

Our world faces monumental challenges, and this generation is the one called upon to make the choices that can set up the conditions for the continuation of our species – or not. In my work, I intend to help individuals and teams develop that awareness and re-signify the meaning of life’s work towards something that can be both self-fulfilling and planetarian-oriented.”

Gui Curi


“Since I met Gui as a coworker at Red Bull, I can say he was meant to live for and do exactly what Sunny Minds is. As smiling and fast-paced guy, he is always willing to help others find the best in themselves at every opportunity, also showing our comfort zone and weaknesses in gentle enough ways to get you to reflect about changes you ought to make in your life.”

Erik do Carmo – Project Manager, São Paulo

“Transparent, real, true and simple. It blew my mind how I discovered and integrated new things in my life. I feel like my life is at a new level now. Things are clearer, I’m more confident to grow my business and have fun while doing it. I evolved a lot.”

Guilherme, Brand Designer, São Paulo

I feel my center of gravity and a higher resilience. Things that used to trigger fear don’t as much. At work I feel more confident when it comes to organizing and leading. It’s the type of internal work we need to reach our goals in a holistic way. It made me feel like it will all be okay.

Amer, Entrepreneur, New York City

It was not just just about how clarifying the conversations were, but how they made possible for me to deal with the unclarified in my life afterwards.

Guilherme, Psychoanalyst, São Paulo

I personally love the holistic approach. The built-in moments of reflection and phases makes the experience versatile, which from another person’s experience is not common practice.

Mia, Project Manager, New York City

I think that it’s a healthy and necessary self-investigation work to do. I’ve tried therapists and found them inadequate for anything besides an acute need. The relationship took the pressure off the idea of ‘a solution’. I feel more attuned to my foundational needs and through this have more clarity and perspective. It was less about defining the destination than it was about gaining tools to navigate the journey.

Clare, Innovation Strategist, New York City

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