Welcome to Sunny Minds Life Design.

My name is Gui, and I work with people interested in taking their lives in a different direction.

Today, there seems to be endless life hacks promising relief to the human condition and pitching success to the human grind.

I opt to go another way.

I write out of sheer motivation to develop perspective about how we live and how we can live life.

Every piece is an attempt to break the monopoly of possibilities, blending fields that study the mind in an palatable way.

This is about a shift from human-doings back to Human-Beings.

A regular newsletter shares the pieces I write, along with ideas and practices you can try.

Oh, and most important, the song that inspired the writing. Because I believe music is one of the best ways to reframe reality.

This is a homeopathic dose to an Augmented Humanity.

Are you in?